The Ecosystem of ITEMS
on top of ETHEREUM

ITEMS is a platform for building ITEMs, a new class of objects on top of Ethereum. Fusing ERC20s, ERC721s and ERC1155s into a single superstandard, ITEMs unleash the true power of art, games, dApps and DeFi.

Use ITEMs Everywhere

ITEMs can be ported across the entire Ethereum universe. Buy them as potions for the next raid in your favorite ETH-based game, earn DAI by borrowing other in-game ITEMs, farm Cryptovoxel items, and do so much more.


ITEMS merges the DeFi and NFT ecosystems into one. Swap, farm and arbitrage NFTs on DEXes. Trade ERC20s on NFT stores. Use your imagination, and bring it to life with ITEM technology.


Create your own ITEM collections. Set hosts (wallets and contracts able to mint ITEMs) for each. Program extensions for every individual ITEM, unleashing their portable potential.


Wrap any ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 into an ITEM, empowering it with the capabilities of all. Save gas batch-swapping ERC20s. Farm ERC1155s in DeFi dApps. Swap ERC721s on DExes. A world of possibilities awaits you.


Explore, swap, arbitrage, bid for and track prices of all existing ITEMS.


Farm and set up farming contracts for your ITEMs, with full DeFi integration.


Every ITEM is built with extendible contracts. This is the first general-purpose, interoperable and programmable token standard. Using ITEMS, you can call all existing ITEMs via proxy contracts without needing to hardcode every address.

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ARTE the Programmable Equity of the ITEMS DFO

The ITEMS protocol is built on top of a Decentralized Flexible Organization (DFO), ruled 100% on-chain—without the need for any offchain intermediary—by holders of its programmable equity, ARTE.

Govern ARTE token Farm